Thornton Methodist / Trinity United / Countryside United

The first Methodist Church dates back to 1829 and for the following 14 years was known as the Albion Methodist Circuit.  The first minister was Rev. Henry Shaler.  This church was a small frame structure and the congregation soon outgrew it.  The trustees then decided to purchase a lot, on which the second church, a brick structure was built.  In 1898 a third church was built on the existing lot at a cost of $6,000 with a seating capacity of 350.

In 1925 church union came with Presbyterians, Methodists and Congregationalist joining as one and a new name was given "Trinity United Church".

In 1978 the entrance to the Church was changed from two entrances to one.  Over the years a lot of renovations have taken place.  The utility room was replaced and enlarged into the area where the gas furnace and storage are located.  The Bell Tower was given a new surface.

Trinity United church celebrated their 100th Anniversary in 1998.

The amalgamation between Cookstown United Church and Trinity United Church Thornton took place as of November 2015.  Both congregations have united under the new church name Countryside United with services  held at Thornton.

Renovations have taken place at Countryside United Church with services continuing to be held Sundays at 10:30 am.

The congregation will continue to have Suppers, Christmas Bazaars and new events bringing everyone together.  Watch for functions happening at Countryside United, Thornton.

Brad Kiernan is the Organist and has been for several years. Our present Minister is the Rev. Sung Ran Kim.