Regular Worship Services

Due to the surging number of COVID 19 cases in this second wave of the pandemic, the council of Countryside United Church has decided to switch back to online worship. We will not be holding any Sunday Church Worship services in the church sanctuary till further notice.

Instead, every Sunday we gather on Zoom and Conference Call Worship.  After this Real Time Online Worship, the YouTube Link of an Edited Version of Recorded Zoom Worship, the Bulletin Script, and the Written Sermon will be sent via email, and posted on the Church Website and Facebook page. We will call or email if we need to inform our members of any new information.           Click the Worship Services tab to see how to join our Zoom + Conference Call Worship.

 Please check the announcement tab regularly for all updates.

We are Disciples of Christ living out God’s love in a nurturing faith community.

All are Welcome!


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